lunes, 13 de junio de 2005

Lima, limón y mandarina...

Finally, after twelve hours of travel and a stupid pain in the right knee, I came to Lima. This is a real big and interesting city, with hundreds of things to offer. There are national treasures of history, architecture, etc. Everywhere you look there is worth the seeing. Today, after registering in a cheap hotel and a good, long hot shower, I met with a beloved girlfriend, Sisy. Wow. Loads of crunching hugs.
After that, I went to the center of Lima to know this beautiful city. Heck! LOTS of cars, buses puking LOTS of smoke! Cough, cough... And the fact there could be people staring right to your pocket or your sleeve or even your shoes. The trick is to have the eyes peeking everywhere. Calmly.
The center means a long, hard walking and tons of photos to take. I was some minutes ago in a museum in the post center. The Presidential Palace... I have to admit it... It`s better than Carondelet. The structure is magnificent. Enterely made of marble. With two big balconies to show the president to people, it is a superb building to stare at. And there are a lot of cool churches and temples, the front doors are full of filigraines very detailed. One can walk freely in streets made only for pedestrians called "paseos". I found this real cool. After I log out, I`ll go to the "Pizza street" where one can find fun, friends and good drinks.
About food... I started with a hot beverage, made of quinua (colada de quinua) and a curious sandwich of crunchy ommelette. And I could see camote sandwich, even. I tried the Sabila Cocktail, made of Sabila gel with cane syrup, mixed with more fresh Sabila gel, honey, algarrobina, polen and some drops of "Drago blood". It`s supposed this potion will restore your health, cure some ailments and diseases and detox your body. Before this the man made me drink a gulp of a plant extract, apparently to heal my liver. YUCK!! That was real bitter!
Was really hard to mix up the gels and the polen, but he somehow made it. The taste was soft but very, very slimy. The imagination could start to work very nasty here...
When Peruvian people say "Arroz con pollo" mean green rice with chicken stew, and not the mixture of rice and chicken. I really need to see more of the gastronomy, and make sure I can sip some Pisco.
Well, till the next time. Tomorrow I will wander some more, and travel more to south, to reach Chile.
Bye people!