jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

CHAINS ON MY TONGUE (A tale about shyness)

Oh my God, here she comes… like a star, like a swan full of grace landing in the pool of my heart. The Heavens bless me every time I can see your angelic face. Every part of your body moves harmoniously and tenderly.

You were the woman that entered into my shady heart and conquered it like a queen, placing your throne in it forever and ever…If my eyes had been ripped on, my ears filled with melt lead, and my nose burnt, it would still be able to feel your charm, your sweet aura that comes from you, my beloved one.

There´s so much love in this heart to offer to you, Goddess of my soul. Why don´t you feel for yourself this raging love that tries to surround you, with the slight hope of warming your heart and guide your gaze towards me?

- “Ah, hello!” she says, “I haven´t seen you for a couple of days. What happened?”

- “Er… Um… hi there” I respond. “Well, it wasn´t a big deal…only a little fever, that´s all. Heh, heh…”

A fever? A fever? Why didn´t I tell her that hadn´t blood in my veins anymore, but a river of magma, consuming my body and pushing my mind into an endless maze of creepy mist?Why didn´t I say that the only thing that has helped me from going insane has been HER, the image of her smile, her bright eyes giving me the strength to fight against the vicious demon who was devouring me? I battled desperately, and emerged victorious.

Only because her.

Remembering the owner of my heart granted me my victory. There are not enough words in my mind to thank her properly.

- “You were sick?” she said, “Oh, you poor thing. If you had called me, I certainly would have helped you a little”.

- “W..why, thanks!” I mumbled. “But don´t worry. I´m alright now”.

Oh, absolute source of my happiness!!Oh, High priestess of my heart!! Your sincere worry tastes me like the most delicious wine, the most splendid meal, the most exotic chocolate!

Who needs another woman in his life, when I have you, you stainless and pure rose rising from a plain full of common pansies?

- “By the way, let me tell you something…” She whispered to my heart. “(Someone) Has asked me out…But I´m not sure…”

- “Uh…”

Please, please, come to me.

Merciful and sweet death, come and release this tormented soul of the pain that throbes as though it were punctured by a white-red saber drawn again and again by a horrid giant…NO! No! I cannot fall down, I cannot give up the paradise that seems so close and,yet, so far just because of the appearing of a damn rival. Fight on, I must! Win her heart, I ought! I am a warrior, a gladiator and the challenge has been made. The prize to win: A Heaven on Earth, with the company of the woman that has became in my true reason to exist. Better dead than failing in the trial of earning her love!!

-“You…you know…I don´t think that man suits you well. He´s not good enough for you. You deserve something better than that guy…” I spoke with difficult…

- “Yay! Do you think so too? You´re right, he´s too foul-mouthed and vulgar, and I don´t like those kind of men. I´d like someone more…more…” she said giggling.


Tell it to her, damn it!! Tell her you´re the one and only, that you´ll be the guardian of her dreams, the brother, the friend, the real love that she needs so badly!! Tell her SHE is the only reason that you´re alive, the ultimate goal in your lonely life! God gives us some times only ONE chance to realize our dreams, and here´s your opportunity!!

So GO!

Go and tell her! Undo the knot that ties your feelings, break the chains of your tongue!! So much love, so pure and intense should not waste and decay like a forgotten apple!


- Ermmm….th.. there is…something…I…want to..tell…yo…yo..you…-

Sure, tell me…




DO IT!!DO IT!!!!

- I have a Garcia Marquez´s book and since you like him a lot, I thought I could lend it to you for a couple of weeks…………….


- Aww, that´s so sweet of you! Can I come to your place to get it?

- Sure, sure….well, was good see you again, bye – bye…

- Okay. Take care…

Shit.I did it again…


- Hey, Wasn´t that (someone)? What was that guy doing with you?

- He told me that he wanted to lend me a book. What a sweet guy.

- Will you accept it?- Yes. I have to go to his house tomorrow to get the book.

And once for all, tell him what if feel about him...